General Purpose Lab

Sunday, 20 September 2015
General Purpose Lab

General Purpose Lab


Searching for a bench space to carry out your experiments?

Now our air-conditioned "General Purpose Lab" is ready to host you and provide you with most of the basic equipment you will need.

The lab is equipped with:

1. Chemical-resistant benches.
2. Sensitive analytical balance.
3. Vortex.
4. Hot plate stirrers.
5. Centrifuges (for Eppindorfs and falcon tubes, max speed 14,000 rpm )
6. Bath sonicator
7. water bath shaker
8. pH meter
9. Internet access
10. Storage space for your chemicals and glassware. (Glassware is not provided)

How does it work?

Three simple steps:
1. Check the calendar and determine which slots you want to reserve. (We have 3 benches available for renting and each reservation slot is a half day).
2. Transfer the renting fees to our account using vodafone cash/fawry. (read more)
3. Send an email to with your name and slots to reserve.
In a maximum of 60 min (during our working hours), you can see your reservation registered in the calendar.

Service prices:

Bench space renting for one slot (4 hours - half day) costs 50 LE
Bench space renting for two slots (8 hours - one day) costs 100 LE
For each 10 paid days you get 2 extra for free!

Available hours for rent:

Saturday to Thursday
First slot: 9am - 1pm
Second slot: 1pm - 5pm
Need to come on different timings or Fridays? let's talk and see how we can help! 


- Storage space is available only for 7 days after your last registration. Afterwards, your glassware/chemicals are moved to the storage room.


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