5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Nawah With Your Biological Assays!

Have you synthesized a new potential drug? or isolated a new natural compound? or may be interested to test the activity of a new formula you developed?
Testing the biological activity of your compounds is a delicate and sensitive matter. Things can go wrong due to many reasons leading to failure of the experiment, or even worse, false positives.

Here are 5 reasons why you should trust Nawah with your biological assays:

1. Experienced team: Your project will be handled by a team of experts supervised by Assoc. Prof. Ahmed El-abd (2 PhDs, H-Index 14). Experience is a corner stone to obtaining correct results and to identify possible flaws and false results.

2. High tech facilities: At Nawah, we only invest in top lab equipment to ensure best quality of results. Every single equipment is kept in best possible state by applying preventive maintenance. Our laminar flow cabinets and incubators are checked regularly for contaminations. Our state of the art plate reader is available for UV, fluorescence and luminescence readings (check it out here:

3. Cell line library: A diversified, well kept and contamination-free library of cell lines is available at our facility, matching your different needs. (Check it out here:

4. Scientific integrity: We would prefer to double check our results and repeat your tests or to refund your payment if we have even little concern that we made a mistake. Therefore, we prefer to abide with accredited analysis protocols, use high quality reagents and do the study in proper number of replicates. (Read more about cytotoxicity assays at Nawah:

5. We offer more than measurement: Consulting! We love to share our experience with our colleagues. We can guide you to the best experiment design, how to do the correct calculations and what are the common mistakes to avoid.

Call us soon at +201064488216 to discuss your needs.

Remember: We can receive your samples from anywhere in Egypt and send your results back online.

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