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General Purpose Lab

Bench renting allows you to access the following facilities:

  1. Chemical-resistant benches & Internet access
  2. Sensitive analytical balance & pH meter
  3. Vortex & Hot plate stirrers.
  4. Centrifuges (for Eppendorfs and falcon tubes)
  5. Bath sonicator & water bath shaker
  6. Storage space for your chemicals and glassware (One shelf for just 1 week)

Glassware is not provided by Nawah-Scientific except for urgent conditions.  Any borrowed glass ware has to be returned back washed and intact otherwise its value will be deducted from an insurance deposit.

You have to pay at the beginning an insurance deposit of 100 L.E. which will be returned at the end of the renting upon the following conditions:

  1. Leaving any used facility cleaned as it was.
  2. No glass ware belongs to Nawah-Scientific was broken.