Sephadex LH-20


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Sephadex LH-20
The medium is based on hydroxypropylated dextran that has been cross-linked to yield a polysaccharide network. Sephadex™ LH-20 is a liquid chromatography medium designed for molecular sizing of natural products such as steroids, terpenoids, lipids, and low molecular weight peptides (up to 35 amino acid residues). Depending on thechosen solvents, this medium can also separate sample components by partition between the stationary and mobile phases. Sephadex LH-20 is useful for both analytical and industrial scales for the preparation of closely related molecular species. Due to the unique physico-chemical properties of this medium, it can be used either during initial purification prior to polishing by high performance ion exchange or reversed phase chromatography, or as the final polishing step, for example, during the preparation of diastereomers.
Sephadex LH-20 is characterized by:
• Unique chromatographic selectivity due to dual hydrophilic and lipophilic nature of the matrix
• Easily predicted elution behavior based on the chemical
• Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
Physical and chemical characteristics:
Sephadex LH-20 is beaded, cross-linked dextran that has been hydroxypropylated to yield a chromatography medium with both hydrophilic and lipophilic character. Due to its dual character, Sephadex LH-20 swells in water and a number of organic solvents. The chemical structure of the medium is shown in Figure 1. Both the wet particle size and exclusion limit for the medium vary depending on the solvent used for swelling.
  • CAS Number : 17-0090-02
  • Amount available : 300 gm
  • Minimum sell amount : 25 gm
  • Brand Name : GE Healthcare
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