-80℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Monday, 3 September 2018
-80℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Store your precious samples safely at Nawah!

Based on several requests of our respected colleagues and clients, Nawah has installed in place a -80℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer (Vertical Type).
Rest assured and store your samples where you can always find them.

Service prices

  • Plastic box (internal dimensions: 18L*13w*8d cm): 300 EGP/month
  • Cryobox for eppindorfs : 150 EGP/month
  • Enjoy 10% discount if you book a slot for 4-6 months, and 20% discounts if you book a slot for 7-12 months


  • Plastic boxes are available at Nawah
  • Cryoboxes are NOT available at Nawah
  • Both plastic boxes and cryoboxes are personalized. We don't store samples of different clients together to avoid contamination.

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