Christ Laboratory freeze-dryer

Sunday, 9 September 2018
Christ Laboratory freeze-dryer


Powered by: Nanomaterials investigation lab, NRC, Cairo.

Christ Lab freeze dryer is particularly suited to standard applications in round-bottomed or similar flasks and small quantities in product trays and other containers. 


  • Optimised, fast processes
  • Temperature control down to -85 oC

Fields of application

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Proteins
  • Aqueous extracts of plants
  • Food industry
  • Vaccines

Service price

1.15 EGP / ml

Service details

  • You can drop off your samples at our labs or we can pick it up from you
  • Please specify the nature of solute and solvent, and protocol of freeze drying if needed. If not, we will use a general protocol.
  • You will be informed when the sample is ready for pick up, or we can send it back to you.

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