PuriFlash 4100

Tuesday, 17 March 2015
PuriFlash 4100

Chromatographic separation has never been this fast!

Still using gravity-based columns? Get introduced to flash chromatography

Flash Chromatography is a rapid, simple and economical alternative to simple gravity-based column chromatography. Hereby, mixtures are separated via optimized pre-packed columns, through which mobile phase is pumped at a high flow rate. Higher flow rates can only be achieved via specially designed equipment that can handle high pressures, and this is when “Ultra Performance Flash Purification” could be achieved.
PuriFlash 4100 is a premium, easy to use Flash-Prep-LC system. With a flow rate up to 250 mL/min and a maximum pressure of 100 bars, It fully adapts the Ultra Performance Flash Purification concept to achieve accelerated and more efficient separations.

Higher purification efficiency reducing number of re-runs

The use of high pressure together with adapted columns with small particle spherical silica allows for higher loading, faster throughput, and reduced solvent consumption. Moreover, the computerized control of solvent mixing and gradient schemes allow you to get unprecedented resolution and separation efficiency. All together would cut the number of needed re-runs to a minimum compared to traditional gravity-based chromatography.

No need to waste weeks on work that can be done in days

Sample can be loaded via different ways (dry load and liquid injection) matching the nature of your mixture. Separation can be done over a wide range of column sizes and nature (RP and NP). Fractions are automatically detected using a wide range PDA detector, received in fraction collector, and finally stored for you in screw-capped tubes.

2 in 1 device: Switch between Flash and HPLC Prep mode to match your needs

PuriFlash 4100 combines the power of two important techniques: (1) Use Flash mode to treat large amounts of primary samples containing lots of compounds, to get fractions of improved purity.  (2) Use the HPLC-Prep mode to treat your secondary fractions and purify target compounds to the optimum possible purity.


- Pump: Flow rate: 250 mL/min - Pressure: 100 bars max - Gradient: Quaternary 
- Detector: PDA-UV-Vis 190 - 840 nm
- Fraction collector: 4 Racks, 176 tubes, 18 x 150mm
- Auto- Injector Valve module: including 6-ways electric valve w/loop module (liquid or Dry load injection) 
- Column Compatibility: Normal & Reverse Phase
- Sample size: Flash columns: 20 mg – 50 g, Prep HPLC columns: 20 mg – 100 mg


- Fast and efficient fractionation of crude extracts
- Purification of organic compounds for drug discovery research, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences.
- Separation of compounds up to gram quantities.
- Useful for research in agrochemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical sciences, natural products, polymers, and catalysts.

Service prices

Do you have your own solvents?

- Bring them and we will use only what is necessary to run your sample.
-You will be able to check actual solvent consumption based on a"solvent consumption report" generated automatically by the device.
-Fees: 180 LE/ run (Solvents, chemicals and consumables are not included)
- You will be charged for other consumables according to your usage (disposable columns, dry load cartridges, TLC sheets,...)

Do you want to use our stock of solvents?

Fees of different types of runs (including basic fee, solvents, chemicals and consumables):
-Normal Phase Flash column (sample up to 200mg): 435 LE
-Normal Phase Flash column (sample up to 1g): 735 LE
-Normal Phase Prep column (sample up to 200mg): 735 LE
-Reverse Phase Flash column (sample up to 200mg using Acetonitrile): 510 LE
-Reverse Phase Flash column (sample up to 200mg using Methanol): 435 LE
-Reverse Phase Prep column (sample up to 200mg using Acetonitrile): 510 LE
-Reverse Phase Prep column (sample up to 200mg using Methanol): 395 LE
For higher amounts, please contact us. We will find the best way to get your samples done in an efficient way with a minimum possible cost.

Do you want to do your samples yourself?

We will train you!

- You will be asked to attend one of our “PuriFlash introductory courses”. Attendance is mandatory before you can start working. The course is offered several times per month. Many important technical and logistic questions will be answered during the course. Click here to visit the course page and register.
-Then, you can book the time slot that suits you. During your presence, a member of Nawah team will be there to offer technical assistance.

Service fees: 200 LE/4h slot

Things to know before you send your samples

1. Check the solubility of your sample: You will be asked to state the solvent (or) mixture of solvents that can efficiently dissolve your sample and the volume needed to dissolve the supplied amount. (If your sample didn't dissolve in the stated solvent, we will have to evaporate the solvent using the Rotavap and charge you 50 LE for this step).
2. Check the weight of your sample. Minimum acceptable weight is 20 mg of dry weight. 
3. Check if your sample is heat or light sensitive. Upon submission and evaluation of your sample, our team will inform you if your sample would need any step that involves heating (e.g. dry loading).
4. Check UV activity: is your target compound(s) UV active?
5. Check the best mobile phase (MP) to separate your sample. You will be asked to send a TLC showing good separation of your compounds, and to state in details of the used MP. A Confirmatory TLC will be done by our team before we start.
6. You will pay per run of the device. Each run improves the purity of your target compound. We will contact you after each run to discuss results and plan the next step with you.
7. Separated fractions will be collected in glass tubes and stored in the fridge till you come and collect them.  Five days storage for free, extra charges for more days. Special screw capped tubes can be used upon your request for extra fees.
8. If you are bringing your own solvents, kindly note that only high grade solvents can be used.
9. Before your first time at Nawah, it’s recommended to talk to a member of the team to go through all steps and what you need to bring before you come. This will allow you to make the best use of your time at Nawah.
10. You will only pay the device rent and chemicals/consumables you purchase (columns, cartridges,...).  - Other services like drying on rotavap are available for extra charges.

Puriflash saves time and money by applying chromatographic conditions to your sample in an accelerated way. However, if these conditions were not correct, we cannot guarantee an efficient separation. Take some time to develop and validate a method or let our team work it out for you (extra fees service).


How to send samples!

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