HPLC-PDA (Waters)

Sunday, 20 September 2015
HPLC-PDA (Waters)

Waters LC 2695 coupled to Waters 996 PDA detector

What is HPLC?

It is High Pressure Liquid Chromatography device that allows simultaneous analysis of samples with high resolution, sensitivity and reproducibility.


1) Waters 2695 LC separation module that includes:
a. Pump with low pressure mixing system.
b. Vacuum degasser
2) Waters 996 PDA detector (200-600nm)
3) Auto-sampler with a sample loop of 100 µl and a capacity of 120 vials.
4) Empower software

What does an HPLC offer?

A chromatogram of separated components of a mixture is provided. Qualitative determination of each component can be made via retention times and UV-Vis spectra. Quantitative determination of each component can be made via automatic integration methods. In addition, calibration curves of standards and information about peak purity of single components can be obtained.

What are the applications of HPLC?

- Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry (e.g. metabolic studies, QC, drug discovery and pharmacokinetics)
- Food and environmental analysis
- Industrial market (detergents, polymers and organometallics)
- Forensic and clinical toxicology studies

What are the benefits of PDA detector over conventional UV-Vis detector?

- The photo diode array (PDA) has a multi-channel detector, controlled by a microprocessor, which can collect spectral data for many wavelengths simultaneously, while a conventional UV-Vis detector has a single channel which can collect data for a selected wavelength.

- This unique feature of PDA adds a new dimension of analytical capability to liquid chromatography via allowing for the best wavelength(s) to be selected for actual analysis which is important when no information is available on molar absorptivities at different wavelengths. Moreover, information about peak purity can be obtained via absorbance rationing at several wavelengths which helps in deciding whether the peak represents a single compound or, is in fact, a composite peak (which can’t be decided by peak shape).

Available columns:

-C18, 12.5 cm, 5Um, 4.6mm ID
-C18, 10 cm, 5UM, 4.6mm ID
-C18, 25cm, 5UM, 4.6mm ID
-C18, 15cm, 3Um, 4.6mm ID
-C8, 10cm, 5Um, 4.6mm ID
-Cyano column, 25cm, 3Um, 4.6mm ID

Service prices:

1. Reversed-phase columns:
Cost per run: 120 EGP (solvents included)
Get 2 free runs for each 10 paid similar runs (Same method, done together)
2-Normal-phase columns:
Cost per run: 120 EGP (solvents NOT included and will be paid according to consumption)

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