Dissolution Tester RC-6

Saturday, 27 August 2016
Dissolution Tester RC-6

USP type 1 (Basket apparatus)

USP type 2 (Paddle apparatus)

Dissolution is a test used to characterize the drug release profile from its dosage form in specific conditions. A dissolution test simulates the in vivo conditions and allows a rough prediction of the drug's complete release time out of its dosage form.


• Six vessels and six changeable shafts ending with paddles or baskets.
• Pumped circular water current to heat the system evenly.
• Automatic control of temperature, rotational speed and time.
• Adjustable alarm times.
• Speed range (20~200)rpm
• Speed accuracy ±2rpm
• Temperature range ambient to +45.0℃
• Temperature Stability ±0.3℃

Service prices and terms

Renting price: 75 EGP/hour

If you need us to carry the experiment for you, additional 100 EGP is due.

• Please call us before you come to reserve the dissolution device
• We can provide you with distilled water at a price of 5 EGP/L, but this has to be pre-ordered at least 1 day before your visit to Nawah.
• Please bring all salts needed to prepare your buffer / dissolution medium. We cannot guarantee the availability of all salts in our labs.
• A member of the scientific team will assist you with operating the device during the experiment.
• Please plan enough time to clean the device and return it in a proper condition, the same as you received it.

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