Nano Drug Delivery Systems: Pharmacological and Formulation Insights

You are cordially invited to a scientific seminar titled:

Nano Delivery Systems: Pharmacological and formulation insights

Prof. Gerrit Borchard

Professor of biopharmaceutics, University of Geneva

Critical quality attributes for non-biological complex


Drugs (NBCDs): What we know and what we know

we don’t know.

Assoc. Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska

Ass. Professor of Pharmacology, University of Geneva


Why one medication is not enough:

the need of combined strategies

Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Al-Abd

Ass. Professor of Pharmacology, NRC, Egypt

Chief Scientific Officer, Nawah-Scientific


Intratumoral pharmacokinetics-microenvironment

interaction: challenges to drug delivery systems

Networking Lunch


Date: Thursday 21.6.2018 | 9am -2pm

Place: MSA University – Building SSB

Registration link:

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