Nawah Scientific Challenge: Submit your project now!

Friday, 30 September 2016
Nawah Scientific Challenge: Submit your project now!

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Nawah Scientific Challenge

Pharmaceutical Innovation for unmet medical needs in the Arab World


Contrary to what it might sound, innovation in the pharmaceutical field is not necessary about inventing a new drug. Some small changes in existing drugs or dosage forms might solve huge problems for a certain class of patients. This challenge aims to bring to the surface great minds with great ideas that can be developed to become pharmaceutical products in the future, with a focus on solving a pressing need in the Arab World.

What do you have to do?

Submit a novel idea of a product that solves a problem for a certain class of patients in the Arab World. For example, think of children, elderly, cancer patients, diabetics, patients in rural areas with problems to reach health care centers. Think of medicinal herbs growing in the Arab world with unexplored potential. Solutions can be at the "idea" stage but with meaningful purpose. Solutions can be new pharmaceutical forms, new ways to administer drugs, marketed drugs with novel formulations, new herbs or new uses of current medicinal herbs, or anything else that is not an IT solution (mobile-based solutions do not apply)

Scoring criteria: make sure to cover these points

  • Novelty
  • Nature of problem addressed
  • Value to a particular class of patients
  • Doable and realistic
  • Suggested road map of experimentation to attain a proof of concept


  • Teams of a maximum of 3 participants
  • Report should be maximum of 5 pages, A4, written in 12 font, 1.5 spaced lines (including graphs)
  • Deadline of submission is 20.11.2016
  • Ideas should be submitted in Word or PDF format in English
  • Results will be announced maximum by 30.11.2016
  • Three teams will be advanced to participate in the final round and present their projects in Nawah Challenge session, in the Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference (AINAC 2016, Jordan, Amman). Each team will be given 10 min for an oral presentation and 5 min for the Q/A.
  • This is a public competition. You have to be cautious what information do you disclose to public and what to keep for yourself. If we work together on your idea, we will have a confidentiality agreement in place.


  • 2 members/team of the best three teams will be fully funded to travel to AINAC 2016 in Jordan. Funds will cover conference tickets, flight tickets, accommodation and visa if needed. This is a major part of the award. AINAC is a life changing experience, where you will meet like-minded innovators from the Arab region, get unique training in workshops and connect to investors who may support your project in the future.
  • First winner award: A paid internship in Nawah labs in Cairo to further develop their idea for 3 months.
  • Second winner award: 3 free training courses in Nawah labs in Cairo for the whole team.

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