Nawah is featured in "Entrepreneur" magazine: Check it out!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Nawah is featured in

Nawah-Scientific efforts to launch the first scientific incubator in Egypt made it to the headlines of the widely known magazine, "Entrepreneur". The reporter interviewed Nawah CEO, Dr. Omar Shoukry. The article covered current Nawah activities and its mission to transform scientific research in Egypt as well as the proposed model of the incubator.

In fact, there is a huge untapped potential in the Egyptian scientific research sector. With more than 25,000 scientists in the fields of pharmacy, basic sciences, and agriculture, working on daily basis to invent something new, it's unbelievable that the conversion rate of these huge scientific efforts to startups is almost zero. A wide gap is present between scientists and investors. Both speaks different languages and suffers from trust issues. Nawah believes it's perfectly positioned between both. "We do speak both languages, science and business" Dr. Sakr said, "We have a role in helping scientists to take their inventions to the next level".

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