What is Nawah-Scientific?

Nawah-Scientific is the first, private, multidisciplinary research center in Egypt catering for natural and medical sciences. Nawah is a core platform of high-tech research equipment that provides a multitude of services to the region through an online platform, a world-class caliber of scientists and a strong logistic network.

How does Nawah operate?

• We bring state-of-the-art scientific equipment, to our 400m2 lab facility in Cairo, that are hard to find or not present at all (at least in Egypt), and then we offer the following services:
1. We receive samples and analyze them on behalf of researchers.
You can drop your samples yourself or simply ask for a pickup from anywhere in the MENA region through our courier service and cross-border shipping protocols*. You will then receive the results through your personal account on our website.
2. We allow researchers to rent working hours to utilize our facilities and carry their experiments on their own. You will have to attend necessary trainings first and a member of the team will assist you throughout your work.
3. We deliver unique practical training courses, both for undergrads and postgrads.
4. We carry full research projects for companies.
5. We collaborate with universities inside and outside Egypt in joint projects and share funds and grants.
* Rules and terms apply. Make sure to check with us before requesting a cross-border pick up.

Business Units Infographic


To empower research in the region by providing scientists with access to state-of-the-art scientific facilities and related know how, that enable them to carry sophisticated, more thorough scientific research.


To be the Egyptian cluster of high technology research recognized internationally as a trust worthy center of excellence in the fields of natural and medical sciences.