Custom organic synthesis, now available at Nawah!

You design, we execute!

Nawah team of PhD holders in Organic Synthesis are experts in classical and modern organic techniques, which include but not limited to, organometalics, metal-catalyzed reactions, building fused/heterocyclic systems, parallel synthesis, and peptides synthesis.

Nawah organic chemistry lab is very well-equipped with modern high-tech facilities, enabling the achievement of any required conditions; e.g.: inert & dry atmosphere, temperature as low as – 99 oC and as high as 300 oC, pressure as high as 10-barr.

Our modern facilities in separation techniques (automated flash chromatography and prep. HPLC) guarantees the utmost purity of your compounds. We also offer full characterization of new chemical entities (MS, NMR, IR, XRD, thermal analysis, elemental analysis….)

from milligrams to 100-g scale

We can meet your needs in the following fields:

1.     Synthesis of bio-active molecules, you can design your molecules and we will execute the hard work

2.     Metabolites of any small molecule drugs

3.     Degradates of any small molecule drugs

4.     Any pharmacopeial impurities

5.     Internal standards for bio-equivalence studies (non-deuterated)

Our services are ideal for:

1.     Start-ups and Pharma Industry (Contract research & development), for patent filling. We are ready to execute the already established synthetic protocols, in case they are available. Otherwise, we will explore their synthetic accessibility for your designed molecules and develop proper synthetic routes. All projects will be dealt with strict confidentiality. We have no interest in sharing your IP rights.

2.     Laboratories in academia. Most of the time, PIs cannot meet the grants deadline, so we are here to be your satellite lab. Using our expertise in synthetic chemistry and modern facilities, we can expand the scope of your project. We also offer consultation while writing your proposal to make it stronger.

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