Molecular Biology Assays

    Molecular microbial Identification

    EGP1,200.00EGP1,750.00 / sample

    ChemiDoc Imaging

    EGP100.00EGP150.00 / blot

    Quantitative PCR services (qPCR)

    EGP800.00EGP1,300.00 / sample

    Conventional PCR services

    EGP0.00 / Gene & fragment PCR amplification

    Western Blotting

    EGP100.00EGP375.00 / sample
    Microbiological Assays

      Swabs and Air quality testing

      EGP100.00EGP150.00 / sample

      Water Analysis

      EGP100.00EGP150.00 / sample

      Food and Feed Analysis

      EGP100.00EGP150.00 / sample

      Pharmaceutical product testing

      EGP300.00EGP3,000.00 / sample
      Cell-Based Assays

        Cytotoxicity assays

        EGP200.00EGP1,500.00 / compound

        Flow cytometric assays

        EGP400.00EGP900.00 / sample

        Multipurpose treated-flasks

        EGP350.00EGP700.00 / compound
        Phytochemical Services

          Extraction of natural products

          EGP400.00EGP650.00 / Kg + cost of your chosen solvents

          Sephadex LH-20 open columns (size exclusion)

          EGP400.00 / slot (4h) + consumables

          Determination of phenolics and flavonoids

          EGP150.00EGP750.00 / sample

          Total anti-oxidant capacity

          EGP220.00EGP550.00 / sample

          Total Tannin Content

          EGP350.00 / Compound (including calibration curve)

            Oxidative Markers

            EGP140.00EGP200.00 / sample