Nawah Scientific™ announces launch in Saudi Arabia, plans to build a mega lab in the Kingdom


Nawah Scientific™ announces launch in Saudi Arabia, plans to build a mega lab in the Kingdom

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Cairo & Riyadh on 27.10.2022

Nawah Scientific™, the leading cloud lab for on-demand scientific services, today announced its soft launch into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a plan to build a multi-million dollar mega lab serving the needs of the pharma, food, agriculture, chemical, and oil industries. This is the second regional expansion for Nawah after it set up operations in Jordan in 2021.


“We have been working with Saudi companies and universities for the past 5 years through our research hubs in Egypt and Jordan and have noticed a growing demand for our services. We have thus decided to set up an operational footprint in the Kingdom, to better service the growing research and analytical needs of our Saudi customers”, said Nawah Scientific™ CEO Dr Omar Sakr. “With our future mega lab in Saudi, we aim to support the ever-expanding research and industrial ecosystem in the Kingdom.”

With a clear mission to “Empower Science in MENA & Africa”, Nawah has introduced a brand-new business model to the region, bringing the power of the digital era to the capable hands of scientists. “A scientist’s role is to think, design experiments, and interpret results, at Nawah, we enable them to focus on what they do best by handling the technical work” commented Prof. Ali El-Halawany, Chief Scientific Officer at Nawah. Here is how it works: Nawah’s online platform receives experiments requests, a courier collects samples for analysis, Nawah’s scientists carry out the required tests, and return results online. With this simple 4-step process, Nawah enables scientists to do higher-quality research regardless of their location and owned lab facilities.

Several industries are direct beneficiaries of Nawah services. In the last couple of years, Nawah has become an integral part of the pharma industry in Egypt, with thousands of samples flowing for analysis, routine checks, as well as formulations requiring improvement by Nawah’s expert pharmaceutical formulation team. The food industry comes second with a massive need for analysis of ingredients, as well as a growing need for ensuring food safety. Nawah plans to expand its scope of services to service the agriculture, chemical, and oil industries in the foreseeable future. 

About Nawah Scientific™ 

­Launched in 2015, Nawah Scientific™ has been transforming the scientific ecosystem by providing scientists with access to state‐of‐the‐art scientific facilities and related know-how, that enable them to carry out sophisticated and thorough scientific research. Nawah has processed over 300,000 samples from 12 countries, with an average growth rate of 250% year-on-year. With a team of 100+, Nawah Scientific™ currently services academia, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries. Winner of the Jack Ma prize in 2019, Nawah has been deemed the fastest-growing life sciences startup in the MENA region.

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