1st in Africa: Nawah Scientific receives US-FDA accreditation for food analysis 


Press Release

Nawah CEO: Accreditation reduces costs by half and accelerates analysis time by nine-tenths for Egyptian exports which needs samples analysis abroad.

CEO of the General Authority for Investment: “Creates a competitive advantage for the Egyptian food industries in global markets.”

Minister of International Cooperation: “The government supports the expansion of Egyptian startups regionally and globally.”

Cairo on 19.11.2023


In a unique milestone, Nawah Scientific, a leading institution in the field of analysis and scientific research in Egypt, has obtained accreditation from the U.S. FDA for food analysis and safety. This makes it the first African center to achieve such accreditation, saving Egyptian and African companies the cost and time of sending samples for analysis outside the continent. This supports their ability to export to the U.S. market and enhances the Egyptian food industry for domestic consumption.

“Nawah Scientific” is an Egyptian startup specializing in research and scientific analysis. It has received financial and technical support from the Egypt Ventures, a fund established by the Ministry of International Cooperation, the General Authority for Investment, Free Zones, and the National Investment Bank with a goal is to directly and indirectly invest in startups, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.

Dr. Omar Sakr, Founder and CEO of Nawah Scientific, stated that FDA accreditation is the most challenging and was previously limited to European companies. Now, “Nawah Scientific” is firmly positioned on the map of global laboratories and research centers, impacting the company and the Egyptian food market. This opens up collaboration opportunities with international organizations such as the UN World Food Programme, saving costs and time for Egyptian exporters seeking to export to the U.S. market by analyzing samples abroad before export.

Dr. Omar Sakr announced “Nawah Scientific’s” plans to leverage the new accreditation to expand into key African markets such as Nigeria and South Africa.

Mr. Hossam Heiba, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, stated that “the accreditation creates a competitive advantage for Egyptian agricultural exports in global markets”, emphasizing the agency’s continued support for the company, organizationally and promotionally. He believes that startups can lead economic growth and maximize the role of the Egyptian economy in global production chains.

H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, stated that the government will support the efforts of Egyptian startups, including “Nawah Scientific,” in expanding regionally and globally. This includes signing agreements with international institutions and establishing partnerships with regional countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The exchange of international best practices will contribute to building on these efforts.

About Nawah Scientific:

Nawah Scientific Research Center was launched early 2015 to become a key driver in supporting the scientific research and industrial analysis sector in the region. It provides researchers and companies with the latest scientific capabilities through an online platform, enabling them to conduct complex laboratory tests remotely. To date, Nawah Scientific has analyzed over 400,000 samples from 12 countries, growing at an average rate of 250% annually. Currently, Nawah Scientific employs over 100 researchers serving scientific research in universities and industrial sectors. Nawah Scientific has received the Africa Business Heroes Award among the fastest-growing scientific companies in Africa.

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