Nawah’s Scientific Talent Pool Formulation Supervisor


Nawah’s Talent Pool 

Job title:

Formulation Supervisor

Job brief:

The Formulation Supervisor is responsible for supervising and managing the formulation development activities of the lab, including overseeing the scale-up of pilot and production batches and reviewing and preparing internal and external documents.

Job Tasks:

  1.  Supervise and make informed decisions on formulation development activities in accordance with departmental SOPs.
  2. Oversee the scale-up process of pilot and production batches at various client manufacturing sites, with 30% of the work conducted through external visits.
  3. Revise and prepare internal and external documents, such as trial sheets, formulas, specifications, and manufacturing processes, in compliance with departmental SOPs.
  4. Review Certificates of Analysis (COA) and participate in decision-making processes after a thorough review with the section head.
  5. Contribute to the team’s development and training initiatives, sharing responsibility for fostering a culture of professional growth and continuous improvement.

Job Requirement:

➢ Must-to-Have:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy only.
  2. Minimum 5 to 7 years of experience in R&D within the pharmaceutical industry, in the country you are applying for.

➢ Nice-to-Have:

  1. Familiarity with toll manufacturing processes.
  2. Knowledge of EDA (Egyptian Drugs Authority) guidelines for product development.
  3. Familiarity with liquid semisolid and dosage forms, in addition to solid dosage forms.

What we offer:

  • Work with a supportive and energetic team in a dynamic research environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.
  • Enhance your professional skills and knowledge by accessing all Nawah courses for free.
  • Enjoy annual salary increases and additional benefits based on your performance and contribution.
  • Receive an annual family bonus as a token of appreciation for your loyalty and commitment to the company.
  • Earn a quarterly incentive for achieving your goals and exceeding expectations.
  • Benefit from comprehensive social and medical insurance coverage for you.
  • Participate in an annual cycle meeting to review your progress and plan your future development.

How to apply:

  • To apply for this exciting opportunity, please send your CV to:
  • In your email, please indicate your availability and your expected salary.
  • Make sure to include the position title and job code that you are applying for in the subject line. This will help us avoid screening out your application automatically.
  • To apply for Cairo: (20-01-F)
  • To apply for Amman, Jordan: (20-02-F)
  • To apply for Riyadh, KSA: (20-03-F)

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