Brookfield viscometer

Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Brookfield viscometer

Brookfield RVDVE230 Medium-range viscometer

Viscosity measurement is key to several laboratory and industrial applications such as food, agriculture, painting and pharmaceutical industries. To perform its intended task, a product should have a certain viscosity and a change in this viscosity can indicate deterioration of the product. 

Working principle

The spindle is immersed into the test fluid. The viscometer measures the additional torque required for the spindle to overcome viscous resistance and regain constant speed. This value is then converted to centipoise (cp) and displayed on the LCD readout.


  • 18 speeds provide wide measuring capability
  • Medium-range model (100 to 13,000,000 cp)
  • Direct readout in centipoise 

Service price

75 EGP / sample

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