Saturday, 8 September 2018

Differential scanning calorimetry

Powered by: Nanomaterials investigation lab, NRC, Cairo.

DSC131 evo is a user-friendly, flexible and high-performance Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). It offers a temperature range of -170 to 700°C with fast heating and cooling.

The DSC131 evo includes a sturdy and easily replaceable sensor, a market leading software that is very logical and capable of performing all typical experiments and data treatment, and a wide variety of crucibles. Along with the standard 30 µl crucibles, it uses crucibles with 100 µl capacity for analysis of heterogeneous samples and for optimizing measurements of heat capacity (Cp). The high-pressure crucibles provide an unparalleled high-pressure resistance of up to 500 bars/7 250 psi at 600 °C, while atmospheric pressure is maintained by the DSC sensor.


  • Measurement range: -170 to 700 °C, with high performance heating and cooling performance.
  • In addition to the regular 30 μl crucibles, crucibles with a capacity of 100 μl are used for analyzing heterogeneous samples and for optimizing Cp (heat capacity) measurements.
  • Working under Nitrogen or Helium gases
  • Tiny samples are needed
  • Calculates degree of material purity for uni-component samples (exact molecular weight is needed).

Minimum sample

30 -50 mg of powder, film or fiber

Fields of application

  • Metals and material science
  • Ceramics and cement
  • Polymers
  • Proteins and Enzymes
  • Nanomaterials
  • Medical products
  • Dental wire and parts
  • Rubbers and bitumen
  • Packaging materials
  • Paints and printing inks

Service prices

According to temperature scan range

  • RT - 200 : 170 EGP
  • RT - 500 : 220 EGP
  • -20 - 200: 220 EGP
  • -50 - 200: 275 EGP
  • -20 - 500: 275 EGP
  • -50 - 500: 330 EGP
  • For other testing conditions, kindly contact us.


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