7 reasons to use Nanotrac Wave II at Nawah

Monday, 9 January 2017
7 reasons to use Nanotrac Wave II at Nawah

Working with nanoparticles?

Here are 7 reasons why you should carry out your particle size and zeta potential measurements at Nawah:

1: Advanced DLS technology

Featuring an enhancement to traditional dynamic light scattering technique (DLS), the Nanotrac Wave II employs Reference Beating, which amplifies the signal back to the photodetector 100 to 1,000,000 times compared to traditional DLS, producing unparalleled accuracy for measuring particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight of colloidal systems. The increased optical signal enables users to accurately measure single and multi-mode distributions across the widest concentration range in the market. 

2: The ability to carry out measurements in most known solvents

Thanks to the chemically-resistant measuring cell, particles in almost all solvents are acceptable.

3: Pick-up service from anywhere in the Middle East and North Africa

Through a special courier deal and customs clearance agreement, a representative will pick the samples from your lab/office and bring them to us. We will carry the needed measurements as soon as we receive your samples and upload the results to your personal account on our website. This might be even faster than sending the samples to a local university with long waiting list.

4: Only a small sample is needed

400 Ul is more than enough to fill the measuring cell, and we can even restore most of them after the analysis is done.

5: Competitive prices

Very competitive in fact. If you are based in Egypt, check local prices here. If you are abroad, get in touch with us by email (info@nawah-scientific.com) and we will gladly send you a quotation.

6: n=3

The analysis price includes 3 independent runs, and you will receive a full detailed report.

7: Your first sample is done for FREE

Not only this, share this link on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and enjoy another free sample.


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